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"What a privilege and pleasure it was to have Roxanne guide and support me through the 90-day Transformation programme. Having recently completed the in-depth course, I can genuinely see and feel the positive impacts that the programme has had on virtually all aspects of my life.

By providing very practical tools and techniques the programme has helped to make it feel easier than ever before to make healthier habits and behaviours (both physical and mental) a natural part of my day-to-day experience. And while I certainly acknowledge and appreciate these newly acquired skills and learnings, I have to say that above all else what really made the programme for me was the facilitator and coach herself. 

Roxanne's gentle, non-judgemental and understanding attitude inspired immediate action and fostered a loving space in which I felt comfortable enough to share whatever I was going through, without fear of judgment or rejection. Furthermore, having Roxanne keep me accountable for staying on top of the programme's action steps really helped drive home the course's learnings.


Thank you Roxanne!"

Your journey to better health starts with a single step!

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